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Western Influence on Indian Fashion Wear

Western Influence on Indian Fashion Wear

The world is an ever evolving space that continues to change in time. Countries that have been colonised by different nations have had their cultures emerged with that of the colonial occupiers, who generally parachute their cultural values to a nation. India being colonised by the British left an inevitable mark on their culture and way of life, which is very evident when it comes to fashion and clothing. Over a billion in population, more than 20 states with different languages, which is significantly unique to one another as well as to their clothing and style ranging from the traditional tops, kurtas and salwar.

India’s traditional clothing style experienced a dramatic change, greatly influenced by the British. The traditional style is still very much the same, although it was given a major overhaul to suit the modern and ever evolving market space of the fashion industry. Below is a list of few traditional clothing styles created with a modern twist by Indian creative designers and a combination of inspiration and power.

  1. Half Lehenga Style Saree. This a combination of two traditional Indian clothing, the saree and lehenga. Normally being worn on special occasions like weddings, religious functions and parties. The two clothing combined to make a beautiful outfit that is far more comfortable to wear.
  2. Tank tops and Haltered Blouses. Living in a male dominated population, women in India prefer to wear short and long sleeved blouses, but as time passes by and fashion evolves strapy tops and blouses have made their way to the forefront, which is also comfortable to wear during summer.
  3. Rippled Style Dresses and A line skirts. From the traditional embroidered and well-loved Indian bridal wear, the popular lehenga was given a modern twist and turned into a more casual style of clothing. This became known as rippled style which encompassed line skirt that made it suitable to wear during parties, informal meeting and social gatherings.
  4. Short Style Kurtis. The long sleeved blouse that is usually worn with a pair of pajama like clothing below has now evolved into a short style of long sleeved blouse and instead of pairing it with the pajama like clothing known as churidar is now being worn with a pair of jeans.
  5. Denims. These jeans have become one of India’s most popular worn items for both men and women. Aside from being trendy and comfortable to wear you can match it with almost anything in your wardrobe. Different styles and brands are emerging in India, hence it’s your preference to the style you wish to embrace.

The evolution of Indian clothing doesn’t stop here, due to constant changes and global input, India is now progressing towards its own fashion identity and platform.

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